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The Kimoshion By Kim Kartikah Lee Ismail

he'S A cute Boy!!but..lot of pimPLes oN HIs FACE!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

HAlo!!!! ha....kenal lak dye nie sape?hehehe...hensem ark?comel lak?cute an?

aku Pggl DYe BABy je....tp x penah bebual pon ngn dye....
aku start minat mamat nie ble dye kua kat MHI kat tv3 aritu...
name band dye cODA...band dye under SNP UE!!gempak r tuh konon!!
law x salah aku an..dye nie memg dak jb...bdk masai..
bpk dye ade studio jamming kat masai..
aku dulu selalu gak r jamming kat studio dye coz aku pon mse fm4 ade band.
leader band aku mse tu qayum nme dye...
ah!!xmo r ckp psl dye!!kekek
aku MINAt R kat dye nie....tp nk wat camne..skadar meeminati je..hehee
neways kpd bb nie...law jumpe tu tego2 r..kekeke!!

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