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MARkEtIng + PRoMOtiON my cc

Tuesday, November 25, 2008
g kelas td kol 12.oo kat anx 70..td subject finance!!peh...susah beb..lg susah dr accounting!!!
pas2 g mkn ngn nana ngn paten kaat giant..mkn mee hotplate jer...
balek tuh troz bukak ccc then wat promotion 4 my own cc then try to do a best marketing 4 my cc and get much customer.harge pendrive da trun da.aku je jual paling murah kat u nie...dgn harge 2GB 19..4GB 31..8GB 59.murah gler ark?tu r,..aku je jual murah aw...yg laen tuh xde pon.

lately byk persaingan antara sesame cc kat MSU nie...so,i have to improve my marketing knowlegde aku utk tarik byk student utk masok cc aku nie,,
sbb t manager aku nk tukar shif kat UNISEL plak or kat KAMPONG BRU.
sbb tu aku kne buktikan yg cc aku leh success cam dulu lg.....
coz student skrg jrg msok cc,,aku xtaw la npe.nk ckp STDN pnyer cc tuh xde r best..aku da wat analyze kat sume cc....n aku rse cc aku is the best!!!!!so!!doakan yg terbaik utk aku n gak warge AZITECT K!!!

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