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The Kimoshion By Kim Kartikah Lee Ismail

mohamad asyraff ariffin,

Friday, February 6, 2009

NI name dye asyraff a.k.a ayap dlm kurungan(sengal)kekekeke
mmm....orgnye...terlalu tggi...sampai aku nk tgk pon kene tundok!!!hehehe
pempaham sudah ler.!!
dye nie...teman seperjuangan dr skolah menegah lg.
dye ade kembo taw,.name alip...
dye dtg MSU ngn aku.amek dip gak...but len course,die amek ACCOUNTING,
ayap....pantang nmpak girl cute sket..mule la cover macho!!!hahaha
senang mtk tlg ngn die...but sumtimes...
sakit hati hati gak bile berjanji ngn dye nie..haha!!
ade r peristiwa yg buat aku majok gler babi ngn dye!!!hahaha
tp...its ok..
xk pts aair di cincang,,,itulah tali pesahabatan kitorg.
pendek citer...luv u...coz u r my bestfrens.
hope this relationship kekal sampai bile2..
sampai ko dah kawen!!!dah jd atok!!!da nk mampos!!heehe
(jgn mare)

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