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sabtu wif bella,intan n ITA...

Sunday, February 15, 2009
ermmm..hari yg agak membosankan,,,,
sume xde balek kg kecuali aku bella intan n ita je ade kat hostel.
tp..ade part2 yg best gak r..haahaha.lunch mkn kat ALI ngn model PENCEN 2 org tuh...bella n intan!!!ngn dak dorg nie citer psl kete sorong nk psg TURBO LAH..ape lah...ahahaha..pas2 dinner harini aku amek 2 kali..pergggggggg...bru nk diet..terbantot lah lg!!!
ni sume gare2 ita r nie nk blanje aku kfc..aku da r cam pantang!!hahaaha.
mse kol 12 tuh(nk masok 14 HRBULAN R) Aku g teman ita g kfc mkn..then jumpe membe baru..ahakz!!!best gler bebual ngn dorg...mcm2 citer kua!!!memg best r,..but dorg almost dak PTPL LA..but ok lah..satu kepale!!gLER!!!keje AKU berdekak je..x rugi r g teman ita td!!hahha
suke r dpt membe cam dorg...even law ade masalah pon leh terCOVER r dowh law jumpe muke PARA2 setan TUH,,,huahuahuha.
ish...law aku leh capture moment td..memg aku dah masokan dah kat bLOG nie...

2 comment and orders:

fiera Says:
February 16, 2009 at 12:28 PM

mkn kfc tak ajk gua siot...
jhat r ko...

puteri kartikah Says:
February 16, 2009 at 10:35 PM

hahaha...wat pe aku nk ajak ko!!wat habes borah ja!!!