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Terlanjur Aku GegeL(TAG) SI ITA!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009
First name


First thing people would think when they first saw you

+hish...bapak kerek budak nie!!

First person ure thinking of rite now


First place you would go for vacation


First animal u had as a pet


First thing u would say when u see someone u like

+erk???ALAMAK!!!bdk nI R!!ADOY!!HOT NYER!!!gGrRrRR

First thing u would say when u see someone u hate

+alamak..BUdak BABI ni ke>>>?

First time u fell in luv

+form 3...huhuhu..zaman kegatalan.kekeke

First time u went out 4 a date

+mmm...x ingat sgt r,fm 3 kot law x slh..

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  1. 1 ita lg!!!hahaha
  2. elyana

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