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The Kimoshion By Kim Kartikah Lee Ismail

bersUKA ria di PAVILIOn!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

  • poNTeng kelas!!yeah!!irah nk blanje wyg kat pavILioN!
  • dGN menaiKI EVo 8 KEPUNYAAN ku!!haha..smpai sane kol 12..
  • irah blanje pizza!!maklumla..ngh kaye tuh..debit kad bru clear..ha!
  • this time aku spend time ngn rumate aku je..esther,syera n irah kentut!
  • kami MENONTON filem LUCAH yg bertajuk THE PROPOSAL!!haha!xdenye lucah
  • jalan2..shopping di FOREVER 21 AND zaRA!!fuh..kering dh!
  • balek singgah TS!!
  • kami smpai D bilek jam 11 MLM!!ya allah!!!penat nye...
  • apepon KWN2!!kite enjoy!!

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