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The Kimoshion By Kim Kartikah Lee Ismail


Thursday, February 18, 2010
arrggghhh!!!windu ngn bf aku tuh,.,even black tp tetap menjadi pujaan hati ku!!aha.
law xde dye msty xleh on9..ee..windu.
ari isnin balek shah alam i jmpe u ea syg...i nk upload gambo byk2 dlm perot u..haha..cian u..byk gmbo i je dlm tu..gmbo u xde pon.haha.i nk bwk tu ari tp u berat sgt lah..mane nk bwk beg lg..baju lg..box make up lg..saba ea syg..,.,t isnin kite jmpe k.
anyway!!!!cuti ni xde lah bosan sgt taw syg!!!byk gak xtvt kat jb ni..jMpe mmbe2 lame..g jln2..mkn2 beso..best syg.
i misz u syg..u ddk dlm almari i elok2 ea..law nk pape mintak kat MAMA irah kaw ea...hahaha..
(agak2 sape bf aku?)
haha,,kentot syal soklan.
bye geng!!!

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ejan cakap:nama aKoo..NuRfarIzaN aNaK sULung pakCik AhMad Says:
February 18, 2010 at 8:02 PM

tau2!!!mr lappy rite???jeng3~yes2....aq btol:)

kEnTuT kECiL Says:
February 21, 2010 at 5:35 PM

haha..yeah!!ijan memg betol!!!