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Kisah korek mengorek.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
That guy korek hidung,then gentel and selit kt celah stereng kereta.
Otw from shah alam to BB.
Damn disgusting dowh.
He did that while bebual with me.
I still remember the colour.so GREEN.yuckss.GReen and so creamy.
Its ok.i just pretend to be nothing.padahal..macam nk muntah.Behave weyhh.geli ko taw x??
once korek enaff lah.ni nk berkali2.bape kilo siak taik hidong kaw.Depan aku okeh.sambil berbual pulak tu.

i dont want to explain futher.

1st time i met people like that.nasib baik lah sedara teman terdekat.