we feature and sell the shirts are very popular nowadays with shirts give priority to plus size and normal size customers. We believe that the fashionable no limits for various types of body size. With the outbreak of the ideas are generated from our founder, Ms Kim Kartikah Lee Ismail then result is a brand that is competing on the latest fashion in the Malaysian market to solve the problem of large-bodied clients to continue to bold highlight the latest fashions without feeling shy or not confident to themselves. The Kimoshion Wear light clothing manufacture and easy to wear in any kind of event though.

The Kimoshion By Kim Kartikah Lee Ismail

old blog entries.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
4.56 am.not sleep yet.
cheking up my old entries in this blog.damn..so funny lah when see the old entries.so chicky .haha
get started blog since 2008.not lame enaf lah.but ok lah kan.Feel like wanna slap over my face when read the super duper old freaky post.hahaha.klaka giler lah.malu pon ade.
Delete??dun want lah..biar je lah.buat bahan2 gelak bile bosan nnti :-)

ok lah.nk tdo.tmrrow got casting for fresh model at office.
Siaplah model2 baru.kene ragging dgn big mama.

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