we feature and sell the shirts are very popular nowadays with shirts give priority to plus size and normal size customers. We believe that the fashionable no limits for various types of body size. With the outbreak of the ideas are generated from our founder, Ms Kim Kartikah Lee Ismail then result is a brand that is competing on the latest fashion in the Malaysian market to solve the problem of large-bodied clients to continue to bold highlight the latest fashions without feeling shy or not confident to themselves. The Kimoshion Wear light clothing manufacture and easy to wear in any kind of event though.

The Kimoshion By Kim Kartikah Lee Ismail

Thursday, November 21, 2013
                           Printed Cardigans By The Kimoshion Wear

                    RM75.00 * INCLUDING POSTAGE
                         SIZE :Fits from S to XXL

                     MATERIAL : INDIAN CHIFFON

             ORDER METHOD : WHTSAP/SMS : 01177507545
                         EMAIL    : thekimoshionwear@yahoo.com

                                                           Butterfly Cardigan

                                                      POLKA POLKI DOTS CARDIGANS

                                                           MEDUSA CARDIGAN

                                                    FLORAL EARTH CARDIGAN

                                                         BLACK AND WHITE CARDIGAN

                                                              SPIRAL CARDIGAN

                                                             RAWRR CARDIGAN

                                                        COLOUR BLOCK CARDIGAN


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